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Through cutting-edge immersive learning simulations, students are able to practice essential creative and critical thinking tactics, and enhance communication and problem solving skills related to key course concepts.

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LearnScapes are a virtual homework tool for students. With content aligned to the textbook, LearnScapes expose students to a variety of “day-in-the-life” career experiences. Through these simulations, students develop the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills necessary to apply their knowledge to situations they will encounter in their future profession.


GameScapes are “day-in-the-life” learning simulations that immerse students in photo-realistic settings with interactive video-characters and engaging storylines. Using content mapped to key course learning objectives, GameScapes challenge students to gather knowledge through exploration, research, and interviews. Creativity, quick thinking, and deductive reasoning play a key role in students’ ability to analyze the situation successfully, while a game-like point system measures performance and delivers a sense of completion.

Virtual Security Cloud Labs

Virtual Security Cloud Labs provide a fully immersive mock IT infrastructure enabling students to test their skills with realistic security scenarios they will likely encounter in their future careers.

You Are the Provider: Virtual Ride-Alongs

An essential addition to any EMS course, these video-based case studies take students on “ride-alongs” with experienced providers through complete patient calls, from dispatch to transport.